"@eudiahats I love it I love it! Thank you so much! Everywhere I wear it people start asking about it. I will wear it to the opening of the National Fashion Museum in Rotterdam and AFF in Antwerp.

You rock!"


Leora, editor LolaLola & The Post Online

Via Instagram about webshop purchase 'Petit Bonbon'



"I'm really happy with my beanie! It makes sure I get fashionably through winter!"



Amsterdam, The Netherlands



"I have received my ordered hat and it fits like a glove! It's a daring model and I'm going to wear it with pleasure."

Lerau about his webshop purchase 'Hackney burgundy'

The Netherlands



"I was really happy with my purchase. It was just perfect. The size, the color, the texture, everything.
Thank you as always for the good quality and the speedy delivery.”


Naxos, Greece



“I am looking forward to wearing my Eudia hat to my friend's wedding in Budapest this summer. It is so timeless and elegant, I just love it!"






“I needed the finishing touch for the outfit I was putting together for a New York wedding in the fall. The Fascinator Flower was exactly what I was looking for and it got me lots of compliments. Thanks for the the quick service!



The Netherlands



“...honestly I love my Eudia hat and everyone in LA loves it too!



Austin, United States



“Thank you for your beautiful hats! Super to be able to wear your designs!”



The Netherlands



“Suuuuuuuuuuuuper happy with my custom made hat! Thanks gorgeous Eudia!”



The Netherlands