How do I store my hat?
Best is to keep your hat in the box. The box protects the hat in multiple manners, it prevents from losing its shape, it will not lose its colour by sunlight and the box avoids it from becoming dusty.
Put the crown of the hat on the bottom, so the brim will not lose shape.

As you travel try to keep your hat in the box as long as possible.

How do I keep my hat clean?
Stains are very difficult to remove from your hat. It sounds funny but you could try to remove a stain with a piece of hard old bread. Just grate the piece of bread carefully over the mark.

Take care that you’re not putting on your hat directly after having put make-up on, as this could leave marks as well. Never put your hat in the washing machine! Hand wash is also impossible. 
Can I wear my hat in the rain?
It is best to avoid the rain with the straw and felt hats, because the rain can take the shape out of the hat. Unless otherwise described in the description of the product.
Is there a warranty on the hat?
All hats are handcrafted with the greatest care and best quality materials. Every product is checked before shipment. If however, due to transport the product is damaged in any way, you can send the product back within 7 days with the Eudia tag / labels still attached to the product. 

Is Eudia only available online or is there a shop as well?
There are two shops. One in Amsterdam, Eerste Oosterparkstraat 97 and one in The Hague, Denneweg 65. Have a look on 
www.eudia.nl under the button 'boutiques' and you will see all addresses on the stocklist.
The hat you bought doesn't fulfill your wishes. What to do?
You can return the hat within 30 days with the Eudia tag / labels still attached to the product. See the Shipping & Return policy to make it easy for you!

I love the shape of one of the hats, but it’s not the right colour for me.
No problem! Just come by the shop in The Hague and together with the designer you can pick the right colour. It's also possible to make an appointment in The Hague or Amsterdam in advance.


Not in the position to come to The Hague or Amsterdam? Send an e-mail to info@eudia.nl with the description of the hat (as written on the online shop) and we will send you our digital colourchart.

I'm looking for a special hat and can't find it anywhere.
You have found the right the place. Eudia is specialized in bespoke hats. Come by our shop and the designer will take all the time for you and will transfer your wishes into a hat.